Lee Dodd was converted at 17, and has pastored for 7 years at Providence Chapel in Denton, Texas. He is a Calvinistic Baptist and affirms the five “solas” of the Reformation and the glory of God in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is a reader of Puritan works like that of John Flavel, Thomas Watson, John Bunyan, Thomas Brooks, John Owen, and Thomas Boston. As husband to his precious wife, Amber of 23 years and father to two precious daughters, Carly and Marianne, Lee has been leading family worship since his girls were small.

As a family he has studied through many books of the Bible including Genesis, Exodus, Ruth, Esther, Proverbs, Luke, Acts, Romans, and 1 John as well as extra Biblical resources like catechisms, Pilgrim’s Progress, Holy War and so on. Such studies together as a family have been blessed to each of their souls – and has led to the making of Family Worship Radio. Only eternity will tell the impact and fruit borne from the effort put forth in family worship.

“We’re so happy.  The Lord himself has turned our sorrow into joy, giving us the garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness. Oh to be married to the one you love, and love her most tenderly and devotedly, that is bliss beyond the power of words to express.  I want to thank God, the giver of all good gifts for this best of earthly gifts!” Hudson Taylor, missionary to China