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The purpose for which Family Worship Radio exists is to strengthen parents to lead family worship resources that is Christ-centered, enjoyable, and profitable. This desire to help other families is fueled by a pastor’s heart that has seen the fruit first-hand from years of leading my own family in this blessed discipline. If even a few Christian families are aided in their journey to consistent, joyful, God-honoring family worship, then this is time well spent for Christ’s kingdom.

2 Ways to Utilize Family Worship Radio’s Podcasts

To begin listening, you simply access the audio archives (via iTunes, the website, etc) for the daily teachings for either younger children or older children. The teachings for the younger children are typically 3-5 minutes in length. The teaching for the older children are 6-10 minutes in length.


As a preparatory aid.

In an effort to better prepare for family worship, you can follow along in our Family Worship Radio studies through books of the family Bible study (and other resources). This will feed you and give you direction in how to approach the text.


As playable content for your family worship.

Some families may choose to utilize our audio content as the basis of their family worship. You can simply play the audio teaching and then engage in discussion as a family on that day’s teaching.