Family Worship 101

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“Why did you steal my gods?” With these words, Laban ended a passionate speech against his son-in-law, Jacob (Gen. 31:30). In fact, Laban’s daughter Rachel had stolen the gods, doubtless to keep alive the memory of her family after moving … Continued

Preparing for Family Worship

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First things first, as parents, we cannot succumb to intimidation as we set out on what is the delightful journey of family worship. I remember as a father of two young daughters the weight of responsibility I felt when I … Continued

Why Use Illustrations?

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WHY USE ILLUSTRATIONS? They Open Windows. Charles Spurgeon was fond of referring to illustrations with the metaphor of a window. He said in his book Lectures to My Students: Our Saviour, who is the light of the world, took care to fill his speech … Continued