01 Proverbs 1:1 – Solomon, the Book’s Author

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Proverbs 1:1 “The proverbs of Solomon, son of David, king of Israel.”

This is the first study, an introductory study, in the book of Proverbs. In this podcast, we simply walk up to the gate of a grand mansion of wisdom and enter in to the courtyard of Proverbs. We will look at the books authorship and come to learn a little something of King Solomon, a man whom God gifted with extraordinary wisdom and understanding.



The Study of Proverbs

Show Notes:

  • This is an introductory look at the author of Proverbs, King Solomon [00:33]
  • King Solomon wrote thousands of proverbs (1 Kings 4:32) [01:13]
  • King Solomon was the son of King David and his successor [01:31]
  • King Solomon’s humility and his one request of the Lord (1 Kings 3:10-13) [02:35]
  • Who do you want to learn from? [04:16]

Significant quote:

“Really when we think of King Solomon, we need to think of a man, a man no doubt, but a man gifted by God with extraordinary wisdom and understanding.” [04:37]

Recommended Books:

King Solomon: The Temptations of Money, Sex, and Power

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