18 Proverbs 3:31-35 – Justice for the Wicked

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Proverbs 3:31-35 Do not envy a man of violence and do not choose any of his ways, for the devious person is an abomination to the LORD, but the upright are in his confidence. The LORD’s curse is on the house of the wicked, but he blesses the dwelling of the righteous. Toward the scorners he is scornful, but to the humble he gives favor. The wise will inherit honor, but fools get disgrace.

In these final verses of Proverbs 3 we clearly see the impending judgment that awaits the unrepentant sinner. Though the wheels of justice move slowly at time, they are always moving. God’s judgment will come upon every sinner. The only way of escape is through the Lord Jesus Christ. The punishment due to my sins and your sins must be satisfied. Either you will satisfy it for eternity in hell or a Substitute will satisfy it. Jesus Christ is that sin-bearing Substitute. He is mighty to save!



The Study of ProverbsShow Notes:

  • Not a single unconverted man will escape the justice of God [01:15]
  • Hebrews 10:31 It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. [01:48]
  • God’s justice for the wicked is so fearful because it is so exact. The sinner will suffer for all his sins, none missed. [01:56]
  • Boys, girls, mothers, fathers: turn from sin [02:50]
  • The righteous don’t receive justice, they receive mercy because Jesus Christ suffered in their place [03:25]
  • Every believer rejoices in Christ who satisfied the wrath of God due us [03:51]
  • The illustration of God’s justice in the account of Haman and Mordecai [04:25]

Significant quote:

“It is only the righteous that do not receive justice. It is the righteous that will inherit honor according to the text. It is the humble to whom God gives favor.” [03:10]

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