24 Proofs that Family Worship is a Must (Reason #1)

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family worship proofsAll societies as such, should be societies for God intending his glory and honour, and laying out themselves for celebrating his praises, that he may be exalted in the world, and his Name made great: Families, as such, are societies; and therefore they should, as families, advance the glory of God, by Prayer and praises. That God is to be worshipped by many together, by companies of men and women, and by societies, none will deny, seeing churches are societies, and seeing all societies, fixed or occasional, should be godly, and holy societies, that God may be glorified in and by them; none can, with any shew of reason, say, that this is not required of families, the first and most stated, and fixed societies, that are, God having made man a sociable creature, requireth service of him, and honour of him, as such; and man in that capacity is bound to glorify his creator, and to worship him, and serve him, in all companies and societies he cometh into, and much more must he do this in family-society, which is not an uncertain or occasional society; but fixed and stated; and wherein he hath more fit occasion and opportunity, and that more frequently, even daily to celebrate the praises of God, and to keep fellowship and communion with him by prayer and supplication.

~ John Brown of Wamphray

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