24 Proofs that Family Worship is a Must (Reason #20)

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family worship proofsIt cannot be denied, but families, as such, are capable of mercies and favours at the hand of God: as also of judgments and plagues because of sin. Wherefore it is most certain, that as favours bestowed upon private persons, call for a suitable acknowledgment thereof at their hands, 1 Thes. 5.17,13. Col. 4.2. and 3.16. And as the like favors bestowed on nations, or country-sides, or on cities and churches, call for thanksgiving at their hands, in the same capacities, wherein they receive these good things: so the like, bestowed on families, call for a suitable acknowledgement in their capacities, and a return of thanks at their hands, as families: and upon the other hand as judgments threatened, imminent, or impedent, or executed upon kingdoms, or churches, or cities, yea, or upon single persons, call for mourning and humiliations at their hands, in these respective capacities; so when families are trysted with the like dispensations, they, in that capacity, are called to a suitable deportment, as nature and religion will teach. So also because they have need of many favors and blessings out of the hands of God, both temporal and spiritual: Nature and religion will say, that they, as families, should ask these of God, through Jesus Christ: for all things are sanctified by prayer 1 Tim. 4.5.

~ John Brown of Wamphray

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