24 Proofs that Family Worship is a Must (Reason #3)

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family worship proofsIf we consider what relation families have to God we will see, and cannot but read their engagement unto this duty. The Lord is supreme Lord author and instituter of families, or of family-societies, he is their preserver, nourisher, and protector; for all are of him, Rom. 11.36. And all blessings are from him, Jam. 1.17. He is the Father of all. Eph. 4.6. And if so, doth not reason and nature require, that this should be acknowledged by families, as such by praise and thanksgiving; and that they should live, as professing their owning of him for their Lord, their supreme governor, their preserver, yea, and their Father, by worshipping him, and praying to him, Mal. 4.6.

~ John Brown of Wamphray

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