24 Proofs that Family Worship is a Must (Reason #5)

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family worship proofsThe dim light of nature taught heathens to think on this duty; Wherefore they in their idolatrous and superstitious manner, had their household gods, and their household services and sacrifices, as knowing, that as God was to preserve and do good to families, and as families stood in need of favour and blessings from God; so should they, as families knit together, in that relation, pay him due homage, and openly acknowledge their subjection to, and dependence upon him: And shall the light of nature teach the blind heathens this, and shall they in their superstitious way, follow it; and shall Christians who have the light of the word, and thereby all their duty laid out before them in plain & distinct terms, and enforced with more pungent and perspicuous reasons, be strangers unto this duty? How shall heathens rise up in judgment, and condemn such ungodly families, who carry towards God, as if He were not the God of their family, nor bestowed favors upon it, nor did not concern himself with what were done in families, and as if their families could subsist without him; and do not recognize his Sovereignty, his power, his goodness, and dominion over them; do perform no homage, or token of subjection unto him, nor do pay him service as their King and Lord?

~ John Brown of Wamphray

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