24 Proofs that Family Worship is a Must (Reason #6)

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family worship proofsThe very light and law of nature teacheth, that every one is obliged in his station, and relation in the world, according to his power, to set forth the glory of God, to celebrate his name and attributes, to proclaim him to be God over all the earth, and to be their God, even as standing in such a relation, and in such a station in the world. The light of nature taught the king of Nineve, to put his family and whole city to that duty, which the present dispensation, the sad and terrible threatening of ruin, did call for, that is, to fasting and prayer, and to cry mightily unto God, if possibly they might be spared: And will not the same light, now more clearly shining forth in the scriptures, teach fathers and masters of families, to lay out themselves in their stations and capacities, for advancing God’s glory, according to the power that they have: and so to call all under them, or within the family, together, to cry unto the Lord with one mouth, heart and voice, both at ordinary and at extraordinary seasons; and to bless him for mercies and favors received; and so to set up family-prayers, and family-praises? See Mal. 1.6.

~ John Brown of Wamphray

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