24 Proofs that Family Worship is a Must (Reason #8)

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family worship proofsThe neglect of this duty of family worship, is inconsistent with that love to God, and to his glory, which is called for from the hands of one and other. How can parents or masters of families evidence it, that they love the Lord with all their heart, soul, and Strength, when they do not lay forth themselves, in their domestic capacity, to bring all under them with them, that they may exalt the Lord together? We find the Psalmist zealously inviting all, even inanimate creatures, to concur with him, in setting forth the praises of God, as Psalm. 69.34. and 106.1,48. and 111.1. and 112.1. and 113.1,9. and 115.18. and 116.19. and 117.2. and 135.1. and 146.1,10. and 147.20. and 148.2-4. and elsewhere, thereby manifesting the great and vehement desire he had to have the name of the Lord made great; And therefore seeing how excellent the Lord was, and how little all that he could do, would signify to the exalting of him, who was above all praises; he sought help of angels and men, yea, and of birds and beasts, of sea and dry land; of all creatures rational and irrational, animate and inanimate: but now, where is their zeal for the Lord of Hosts, and their ardent affection for him, and strong desire to have him set on high, who will not call their own children, and their own family to help them, or to concur with them in celebrating the virtues and praises of God?

~ John Brown of Wamphray

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