24 Proofs that Family Worship is a Must (Reason #9)

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family worship proofsWe find the Lord careful by his instructions & commands to have families kept in a godly order and walk, each in reference to other, in their mutual relations and duties; therefore are the duties of the husband, in reference to his wife, and of the wife in reference to her husband; the duties of the parents in reference to their children, and of the children again in reference to their parents; The duties of masters in reference to their servants, and of servants again in reference to their masters, so particularly and so frequently inculcated, as we see in Paul’s epistles; beside the special command, Deut. 6.6,7. Now what should all this import, but that the Lord would have families, as temples for him to dwell in, or as churches, fit for glorifying of him, that he might delight to dwell among them: And should not all his temples or churches be houses of praises and of Prayers to him? And further do not all these family and mutual duties, call for divine help and grace, for the right discharge of them; and should not family prayer be made use of, for this End? Is not Family prayer a suitable mean to get grace, for performance of family duties? And seeing the duties lie upon all the members of the Family, in order to one another, reason requireth, that all should concur in one body, for lifting up a prayer for grace and assistance, that each may be helped to perform his duty to other, they to others, and others to God; that so God may be glorified by all.

~ John Brown of Wamphray

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