A Brave Dog

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The incident here referred to, took place in the town of New Brunswick, New Jersey. A horse attached to a wagon, in one of the streets, became frightened, and started off on a run. The owner of the wagon was thrown from his seat, as the horse started, and was left lying on the street. The horse went galloping along, increasing his speed every moment, till he reached the corner of the next street. There, a large Newfoundland dog made his appearance. He looked at the horse for a moment, and then sprang out into the street, and rushed towards the horse’s head. The dog made repeated efforts by springing up to grasp the bridle firmly with his teeth. But he failed each time, and fell to the ground, narrowly escaping injury from the horse’s feet. But the brave dog kept on trying, and at last, making an extraordinary spring into the air, he grasped the bridle firmly in his teeth, and pulling down the horse’s head, put a stop to his running away. As soon as this was done the dog turned round quietly and walked away. But the people standing by, who had witnessed the dog’s noble action, when they thought of the injury which might have been done by the runaway horse, felt disposed to praise very highly the conduct of the dog, for the greatest act of courage they had ever seen an animal perform.

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