A Cheerful Giver

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Cheerful giverSome years ago there was an excellent minister in France, by the name of Oberlin. One day he was reading in the Old Testament where God told the Jews that he expected them to give a tithe, that is a tenth, of all their property to him. Mr. Oberlin said to himself, “Well, I am sure, that I, as a Christian, have three times as many blessings as the Jews had. If it was right for a Jew to give one-tenth of his property to God, surely I ought to give at least three times as much.” So he made up his mind to do this. Out of every ten dollars that he received, he laid aside three to give to God and the poor. Out of every hundred dollars, he laid aside thirty. He kept on doing this all his life, and God blessed him for it, and he always had as much money as he needed.

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