A Cup of Cold Water

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730082297A missionary to the mountain people of the South was once laid aside temporarily from teaching on account of illness, and she wrote the following account of one of the children of her charge: “I must tell you of the little girl who lived with us, and of her practical application of a Scripture text. It was my custom to teach her from the Bible every Sunday afternoon. I had been reading from the ninth chapter of Mark, where it speaks of the child­like spirit our dear Saviour wants us to possess. She listened very attentively, and seemed especially interested when we came to the forty-first verse, `For he shall lose his reward.’ She left me a few moments, but presently came back saying, `Won’t you tell me about that verse again?’ I gladly complied. Then came the question, `Does it mean me —can I do something for Jesus?’

“That evening there came a gentle rap on my door, and to my `Come in!’ Minnie entered, bearing a glass of water. Coming near, she placed the water on a little stand by my bedside. Noticing that she stood as though she would speak, I said, `What is it, Minnie?’ She hesitated a moment, then replied, `I was thinking of what you said about the cup of water, and I wanted to give you something else ’cause you was sick, but I didn’t have anything, so I thought maybe you might like a fresh drink of water, for it’s all I’ve got.’ Indeed, my heart was touched by this poor girl’s beautiful application of the lesson learned. Nor was it forgotten. Every evening during my illness came the `fresh drink’ from the hands of the little beginner, who wanted to do something for Jesus.”

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