A Dog to the Rescue

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803c420dd21a8f35a57ac53802f7afceCarlo was a very brave dog belonging to one of the leading citizens in a New England town. He was very much thought of both by his master and all who knew him. An intimate friend of his master gives this account of him:

“Carlo was in the habit of attending all the fires in the town. He could mount a ladder like a fireman: and I remember his adventures with very great interest.

“Once, on a public holiday, there were but few people about, as most of the citizens were absent on a popular excursion. Towards the close of that day the bells of the churches began to ring very loudly, as they always did when there was a fire. Carlo had been guarding the house and sleeping lazily. As soon as he heard the bells ringing he knew that there was a fire. Starting suddenly up, he gave two or three loud barks to summon his master, and then started off as fast as he could run for the fire. On arriving there he went to work at once, and busied himself very usefully all the time, dragging downstairs with great speed and care articles of every description.

“As the last house in the row was burning, the cry of a child was heard in the upper story. It was impossible for any one to make his way up the stairs and expect to get back. Carlo had heard the child’s cry, and seemed to take in the situation at a glance. Knowing in his dog’s mind that the lower stories were all in a blaze, he rushed to the ladder, climbed hastily up till he reached the third story, and then jumped in through the window. The fire and smoke soon drove him back to the ladder. His master saw him at that moment and shouted to him to try again, and the people cheered him loudly. He evidently understood what his master had said, for he entered the window again and disappeared for some time. Then the anxious people began to give up all hope for Carlo or the child; but finally a loud shout announced his appearance again, bringing the child with him. He managed to get on the ladder. He was terribly burned. Before reaching the ground he fell, still holding on with wonderful firmness to the little child.

“The child was not much hurt; but poor Carlo’s injuries were fatal. Every possible care was bestowed on the brave dog ; but he died the next day.”

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