A Donkey to the Rescue

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6a0120a887a2d5970b014e8a1dac65970dSeveral years ago, in Kansas city, an old horse and an old donkey which had served their master faithfully were kept together in a stable, and were well taken care of. They became well acquainted, and got to be quite fond of each other.

One day they were both turned into a field near the stable that they might feed on the grass. In the middle of this field was a large pond, which was sometimes filled with water, and at other times with deep mud. In trying to get across this pond the old horse sank down into the mud, and stuck fast so that it could not get out.

As soon as the donkey saw the trouble his companion was in, he started off and ran to the stable. He put his head in the office door and brayed as loudly as he could. After doing this for some time, he started to run back to the pond, waving his tail over his back. On looking round he saw that no one was following him. Then he returned to the office, put his head in the door, and brayed again, longer and louder than before. After this he started again for the pond. In a little while he stopped and looked back to see if anybody was coming. The stable-keeper had been watching him. Feeling sure that there was something wrong, he told one of the stable-boys to follow him and see what was the matter. The boy went to the pond, and saw the trouble the poor horse was in. Then he returned and reported about it, and three men were sent to get the horse out, which was soon done.

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