A Kind-hearted Helper

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Beggar_with_a_Lyra_by_Svishchev-Paola_1900sA poor, crippled beggar in a street of a large city was trying to pick up some old clothes that had been thrown to him from a window, when a crowd of rude boys gathered round him. They mocked his awkward motions, and made fun of him, in his rags and helplessness.

Presently a noble little fellow came up, who had a real peaceful spirit, and pushing aside the crowd, he helped the poor crippled man to pick up his gifts, and bound them in a bundle. And then, placing a piece of silver in the poor man’s hand, he was hastening away, when a voice from an upper window was heard saying, “Little boy with the straw hat, look up.”

He did so, and a lady leaning out from an open window said earnestly, “God bless you, my little fellow, and I am sure that he will bless you, for your kindness to that poor man.”

Then she asked his name, and wrote it down, with his residence. This lady was the wife of a very distinguished man, and any boy would have felt proud to have her speak so favourably of him. And when that kind-hearted boy thought of the poor beggar’s grateful look, then of the lady’s smile and her words of kind approval, and especially when he remembered the passages in the Bible in which God says, “Inasmuch as ye have done it to one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me,” and, ” Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy,” we can imagine how glad and happy he had made his own heart by the good which he had done to another.

Not long after this, the lady just spoken of heard that this kind-hearted boy had applied for a situation to a merchant who was a particular friend of hers. She went immediately to see him, and spoke of the boy in such warm, strong language, that he at once obtained the situation which he desired, and that was the beginning of a successful business life to him.

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