A Lesson from the Sculptor

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a stone carver at work

This story refers to a good Christian mother. She had been visited with a long and painful illness, which she bore with great patience and cheerfulness. Her sufferings were so great at times, as to make it very trying to her family to witness them, and they could not keep from weeping.

One day, when her daughter was waiting on her, she was so distressed at the sight of her mother’s suffering, that she could not keep back the tears from flowing down her cheeks.

When her mother saw those tears, she looked tenderly at her, and said: “Don’t cry, my darling child. Remember I am in the loving Saviour’s hands; and this is only the chiseling that He is giving me, to make me ready for heaven.”

That good mother had learned well the lesson from the sculptor, and was making a proper use of it.

When the sculptor is going on with his work, he never gives one blow with his mallet or chisel to the block of stone before him, but what he sees is necessary in order to accomplish the object he has in view. And it is just so with God—our great, heavenly Sculptor.

~ Richard Newton, Bible Animals

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