A Little Girl’s Question

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Little_Girl___Grandfather___Beach_SKNeF1TVDAE8URZA-IMo0ep_cmyk_lJune was a curly headed little girl of five years. She lived in a small Illinois town where her father was a pastor. Her mother frequently sent her to the Post Office for the mail. She was a bright, cheerful child, and a general favorite with the people. One day as she was on one of her trips to the Post office, an old man stopped her and asked, “Little girl, where did you get those pretty curls?”

“God gave them to me,” she sweetly replied.

After a few more words of conversation she looked up earnestly into the old man’s face and asked, “Mister are you saved?”

He was greatly surprised and deeply impressed by this question and sorrowfully answered “No, little girl, I’m not.”

“Well,” answered June, “You ought to be, for you’re getting to be a pretty old man.” Then she ran on to fulfill her errand.

Several weeks after this the old man attended an old-fashioned revival meeting and was saved. He testified in the meeting that it was the question that the little girl had asked him, that he could not get out of his mind, and had at last brought him to Jesus.

On the way home that night from the revival, the car in which the old man was riding was struck by a train, and he was hurled into eternity. This was very sad, but how blessed it was that he had been saved just in time, and sudden death was to him sudden glory.

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