A Monkey Hero

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maxresdefault-2A nobleman had a favorite monkey — a large orangutan, which, you know, is the largest species of monkey, except the gorilla. This monkey was very much attached to his master, and to the baby boy, who was the pet of the whole family. One day a fire suddenly broke out in the house, and everybody was running here and there to put it out, while the little boy in his nursery was almost forgotten, and when they thought of him the staircase was all in flames. What was to be done?

As they were looking up and wondering, a large hairy hand and arm opened the window, and presently the monkey appeared with the baby in his arms, and carefully climbed down over the porch, and brought the child safely to his nurae. Nobody else could have done it, for a man cannot climb like a monkey, and is not nearly so strong.

You may imagine how the faithful creature was praised and petted after that. This is a true story, and the child who was saved was the young Marquis of Kildare.

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