Access to the King

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peter-the-greats-memorial-throne-room-in-st-petersburgThe story is told of a king who was in his throne room, holding a council with his advisers, noblemen, and high ministers of state. Suddenly there was a bang and a clatter at the door of the throne room. All eyes turned as the door burst open and a young boy ran into the room.

One of the king’s royal guardsmen tried to stop the boy. “Hold there, lad!” he shouted. “Don’t you know you’re disturbing the council of the king?”

“He’s your king,” laughed the boy, “but he’s my Daddy!” And the boy bounced into the open arms of his father, the king.

A child of the king always outranks any nobleman, adviser, minister, ambassador, or dignitary. That is the position we have with God. That is the access we have to His throne room.

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