Afraid to Lie

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afraid to lieOne day, a little boy had been sent on an errand by his uncle. He had stopped several times on his way, to watch the boys playing marbles, and to look at the store windows; but at last he remembered how long he had been gone, and then he started to run back to his uncle’s work-shop, as fast as he could go.

When he got near the shop, he met one of the workmen, who said to him, “Why are you running yourself out of breath, in that way, Charley? Just tell your uncle that the people kept you waiting.”

“But the people didn’t do it,” said Charley, “and that would be a lie.”

“To be sure it would, but what difference would that make?”

“I’d be a liar if I tell a lie!” said Charley, indignantly. “My mother always told me that lying was the first step to ruin. I want, above all things, to go to heaven when I die, but my family Bible study tells me that no liar can enter heaven.”

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