Confession in Prayer

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c81dd3a585039cd1cd8fe10975e7d1a7Little Georgie was a boy only about five years old. He was trying to love Jesus and be a good boy. He was one of God’s jewels; but there was a speck in it. Georgie’s fault was that he would get sulky and be obstinate. One day he had been doing something wrong, and his mother had to punish him for it. This made him very sulky, and it took him a long while to get over it. Every night, when he had finished saying his prayers after his mother, she used to teach him to pray in his own language; to speak freely to God and tell him all that he wanted. So on the evening of this day Georgie remembered how wrong he had been, and he thought he must pray about that. And he did it in this way. He said: “O God! bless Georgie and give him a new heart. Don’t let him be naughty again, never; no, never. Because you know when he is naughty he sticks to it so. Help him to give up easy, and make him a good boy, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.”

That was the way in which little Georgie tried to get the stain off his jewel. And that is the way in which we must try. Let Us find out what our spots or stains are. And then let us pray to God to help us while we try to polish them off. And then, when God comes to make his jewels up, we shall be gathered among them and shine beautifully in heaven forever.

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