Don’t Pick It Back Up Again

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Temptation Resisting SinResisting Sin is Key

I knew of a young man who was a carpenter. He was an excellent workman, and could get the highest wages. But he became a drunkard. His wages were spent for drink, while his family was left to suffer.

One day something led him to think seriously on the folly of the kind of life he was living. He resolved to quit it. He went to see his minister and talk with him about it. In his minister’s study he signed a pledge never to drink any more liquor. How glad his wife and children were, and what a happy home they had! Things went on in this way for about six months. One evening, when he was going home from work, he met some of his old companions. They persuaded him to go with them and take just one glass of liquor. He thought one glass would not hurt him. He went. When he had taken one, he had to take more. He took to drinking worse than ever; and, a few days after, he went home drunk, fell down the stairs, broke his neck, and died a drunkard.

~ Richard Newton

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