Faithful to the End

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150625_pod_IndiaOne day, the engineer of a railway train near Montreal, in Canada, saw a large dog on the track. He was barking furiously, and leaping up and down, as if he wanted to give notice for the train to stop. The engineer blew a loud whistle to frighten the dog off. But he remained on the track, and crouching down low, the train ran over him, and killed him. The train was stopped, to examine the case. They got down on the track, and there they found the dead dog, and a dead child lying under it. This childĀ belonged to the dog’s master. He had been playing on the track, and feeling tired, had laid himself down there, and fallen asleep. The dog, as we have seen, tried all he could to stop the train; and finding that he could not do this, he would not leave the child, but stretched himself over it, and they were both killed together. That was a noble dog!

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