Why Is Family Worship Important?

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importance of family worshipWhy Is Family Worship Important?

Family worship is a significant way to help children see…

  • That worshiping God goes beyond church worship services into the rhythm of everyday life.
  • Their parents’ faith and joy in Jesus on display.
  • Their parents’ delight in God’s testimonies.
  • Their parents as their primary spiritual shepherds.

Family worship provides focused opportunity for parents to…

  • Customize the teaching content specifically for their family.
  • Teach and explain the Bible to their children on their level.
  • Encourage their children to talk about the biblical passages, ask questions, and reflect over its meaning and significance.

Note from FWR staff: Many more reasons could be identified, but these reasons clearly show the importance of family worship in Christian homes. In our day this is even more important with the rampant secularization all around us.

~ From Bethlehem Baptist Church



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