From Slave to Saint

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Slave_ShipMany years ago a company of slaves were sold by auction in a Nigerian market place. When the market was almost over, a poor little boy was placed on the auction block. He presented such a miserable appearance that the slave buyers laughed at the suggestion to bid for him. At last the boy was purchased for a roll of tobacco, and was made to walk with a gang of slaves to the coast where he was put in the hold of a ship bound for America. But the ship was captured by the British who took the slaves to Freetown in Sierra Leone and set them at liberty. The little boy was put in charge of the missionaries. Many years later there was an interesting ceremony in St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. In the presence of church dignitaries, nobles, and statesmen there was consecrated the first bishop of Nigeria. It was the little boy who was sold for a roll of tobacco. Bishop Samuel Crowther did a wonderful work for God in Nigeria where his name is still revered as a true hero of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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