Generosity’s Eternal Reward

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"Stand at attention," barked the class monitor as I and fellow visitors walked into the classroom at the Shahe Primary School, an hour's drive from the county seat of Tengchong, a remote region in China's Yunnan Province.

A missionary lady was telling the story of her work in China. When she finished, a little girl came forward and gave her twelve pennies. “Please,” she said, “I have been saving these pennies and now I want them to be missionaries to China.” How happy the missionary was to receive the offering from its wholehearted giver! Months went by and finally a letter came for the little girl which read, “With your twelve pennies I bought twelve penny Gospels of John. I gave one to each of my class of Chinese girls. They read the wonderful story in their own little books, and today all twelve gave their hearts to Christ. What a splendid investment you have made in Kingdom stock!”

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