God Makes Us Safe

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plaquemines-flood-2012jpg-9152ec28f9396855On one occasion there had been heavy rains in a certain neighborhood. These rains had caused dangerous floods, which were through that part of the country.A laboring man, who lived in a lonely cottage with his little boy about 7 years old, woke at midnight and found the water coming into the cottage. Then he got up and dressed himself and his little boy, and started to go to the house of a friend, about a mile off. They had to walk through the water nearly all the way, and at times it was up to the little boy’s waist. On reaching the house of their friend, the father told about the difficulty they had met with in getting there. On hearing this, the mother of that family laid her hand on little Johnny’s head, and said, “Well, my boy, weren’t you afraid in going through the water?”

“Not at all,” said the brave little fellow, “for I was walking by the side of my father. He had hold of my hand, and I knew he wouldn’t let the water drown me.”

And this is just the way we should feel towards our heavenly Father. He is always at our side. He has our hand in His, and this is what makes us safe.

~ Richard Newton, Bible Animals

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