God Sees Me

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honesty bank clerkA Christian gentleman, who lived near a largo city, had a son about 19 or 20 years of age. The father was anxious to obtain for his son a situation in one of the banks in the city. After having made many efforts, he finally succeeded in obtaining for him just such a position as he desired. On returning home at the close of that day, he told his son about it, and said, that on the following Monday he would take him into town, and introduce him to the president of the bank, and then he could begin his work. “And now, my dear boy,” said his father, “I want you to be obedient, obliging, civil and respectful, to all who are about you. You have now to form your character for life, and to lay the foundation for your fortune. Be very attentive to your business; and above all, remember the text that has so long hung on your bedroom wall, ‘God sees me.'”

He thanked his father for the good advice he had given him, and promised to follow it. He began his work earnestly, and kept on with it faithfully. The officers of the bank all thought a great deal of him. He rose by degrees from one position to another, till he became the head clerk in the bank. The key of the fire-proof closet, in which the money and valuable papers of the bank were kept, was left in his charge. It was his duty before leaving the bank at the close of the day, to see that all the money was safely put away, and the fire-safe carefully locked up.

One day, a friend of this young man’s told him that he knew of an opportunity of investing $5,000, in a way that was entirely safe, and by which he would be sure to make a good deal of money.

The young man thanked his friend, but said he hadn’t got that much money, and so he could not take advantage of this opportunity. But, after his friend was gone, Satan came and tempted him. He suggested to him that he might take $5,000 out of the bank, when no one was there, and so he would never be found out. At first he resisted this temptation; but after struggling against it for awhile, he gave way to it, and made up his mind that he would take this money.

Now this young man’s mother was an earnest Christian. And when her boy was growing up, she tried every way, to fix in his mind, the thought that God was present with him in every place.

To help her in doing this, she got a big card, on which was printed, in large letters, beautifully illustrated, this short text, “God sees me.” This was hung up in his bedroom, so that he might see it the last thing at night, and the first thing in the morning.

Well, at the close of the day, of which we are speaking, when he was left alone in the bank, before leaving, he went into the fire-proof safe, and picked up a parcel containing $5,000 in notes, which he intended to take away with him. But he had no sooner taken hold of the parcel, than, in a moment, that illuetrated text, in his chamber, came into his mind, and it seemed as if an angel’s voice was saying to him, “God sees me.” Instantly the parcel fell from his hands. He sank to the floor on his knees, and clasping his hands, exclaimed with great earnestness—” O, my mother’s God! Save me from this great sin.” God heard his prayer, and helped him. He rose from his knees; put back the money; locked all up and went out.

The first thing he did after this, was to go to the president of the bank. He told him frankly all about it and then asked to be dismissed.

The president was a wise and good man. He said, “No, my young friend, you keep your position. The thought of God’s presence which has kept you from sinning now, will always keep you from sinning. You go on doing your duty, as you have done, and all will be right. I will never say a word about this to any one.”

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