God Sends a Wave

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Ship stormy seaA vessel bound from Glasgow, Scotland, to New York, was overtaken by a terrific hurricane in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. The captain tried everything in his power to weather the storm. At last he gave up and said, “The ship is on her beam-ends. She’ll never right again. We shall all perish.”

“Not at all, sir! not at all, sir! cried a little sailor boy. “God will save us yet.”

“Why do you think so?” asked the captain.

“Because, sir, at this very hour they are praying, under the Bethel flag, in the city of Glasgow, for all sailors in distress, and we are among the number; and God will hear their prayers, sir; now see if he don’t.”

With tears in his eyes the captain exclaimed, “God grant that their prayers may be heard in our behalf, my little preacher.”

Just at that moment a great wave struck the ship and righted her again. And a few days after the ship sailed safely into the harbor of New York. There you see how that ship, and all on board of her, found protection and safety in prayer.

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