A Hand Healed through Prayer

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right hand held upThere was once a young boy who had a very bad sore on his right hand. It got worse and worse, in spite of all that was done for it. At last it began to mortify, and the doctor said it would have to be taken off, in order to save his life. The day was fixed upon for the operation. The little boy was a Christian. He had a little retired, shady spot, in a corner of his father’s garden, where he used often to go and take his book, when he wanted to have a nice, quiet time for reading. When he heard the doctor say that his hand must be cut off, he felt very badly. He didn’t want to lose his right hand. So he went to that quiet, shady spot in the garden. There he kneeled down, and prayed that God would make his hand better, and let it get well again, without having to be cut off.

“The next day, when the doctor came to look at his hand, he was very much surprised to find it looking a great deal better. The next day it was better still; and the third day, he said he thought it was going to get well, and that it would not be necessary to have it taken off. The hand got quite well. The little boy grew up to be a man. He became a minister and one day he held up his hand as he stood before his congregation and said, “This is the right hand that was saved from being cut off by prayer. And I hold up this hand before you as a proof of the blessings that may be obtained by prayer.”

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