Jesus is our Protector

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Old Photograph Dining Room John Knox House Edinburgh ScotlandMany years ago there was a celebrated minister in Scotland, whose name was John Knox. He had a great many enemies on account of his faithful preaching. Some of these tried in many ways to kill him. When taking his meals in his own house he always used to sit at the head of the table, with his back to a particular window. One night, when they were going to sit down to supper, it came into his mind, all at once, not to sit in that chair himself, and not to let any one else sit in it. He couldn’t tell why, but he insisted on that chair being left empty. In the midst of supper a gun was fired. The ball went right through that empty chair, and buried itself in the foot of a large candlestick on the table. Then they all saw why it came into Mr. Knox’s mind to leave the chair empty that night. Jesus had done it. That was the way in which he put his invisible armor about his servant for his protection.

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