John Chrysostom’s Testimony

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John ChrysostomJohn Chrysostom’s Testimony

In the days when the Roman emperors used to persecute the Christians because they would not give up their religion, a Christian bishop named Chrysostom was brought before the emperor.

“I will send you into banishment,” said the emperor, “unless you give up your religion.”

“All the world is my Father’s house,” said he, “and so wherever you send me I shall be at home.”

“I will take away your treasures,” said the emperor.

“Earthly treasures I don’t care for,” said the bishop. “My best treasures are laid up in heaven. Those you cannot take away from me.”

“I will put you to death,” he said.

“You may kill this body, I know,” observed the Christian. “I don’t care much for that. You cannot hurt my soul, for its life is hid with Christ in God.”

“But I will separate you from all your friends.”

“Nay,” said the brave bishop, “for my best Friend is in heaven, and nothing can separate me from him.”

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