Kind to the Unkind

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Depositphotos_36972959_sAn English farmer had a dog that had been very useful to him. But the dog was getting old, and his master had made up his mind to drown him. So one day he took the dog with him to a large stream near his farm, and getting into a boat, rowed out to the deepest part of the river. He had a heavy stone tied to a cord. He fastened this round the dog’s neck, and then threw him into the water. The poor dog sank, but the cord broke. Then he rose to the surface of the water, and tried to get into the boat again. But his master pushed him off with the oar a number of times.

At last he stood up with the oar in his hands, intending to strike him a heavy blow, that would make him sink to the bottom. But in trying to do this, he lost his balance, and fell into the water himself. He could not swim ; and when the dog saw his metster struggling in the water, in spite of the unkind treatment just received from him, he swam up to him, caught hold of his clothes, and brought him safe to land.

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