Loving Jesus is Joyful

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be of good cheerTwo girls were going to a neighboring town, each carrying on her head a heavy basket of fruit to sell. One of them was murmuring and fretting all the way, and complaining of the weight of her basket. The other went along smiling and singing, and seeming to be very happy. At last the first got out of patience with her companion, and said, “How can you go on so merry and joyful? Your basket is as heavy as mine, and I know you are not one bit stronger than I am. I don’t understand it.”

“Oh !” said the other, “it’s easy enough to understand. I have a certain little plant which I put on the top of my load, and it makes it so light I hardly feel it.”

“Indeed, that must be a very precious little plant. I wish I could lighten my load with it. Where does it grow? Tell me. Where do you find it?”

“It grows wherever you plant it, and give it a chance to take root, and there’s no knowing the relief it gives. Its name is love, the love of Jesus. I have found out that Jesus loved me so much that he died to save my soul. This makes me love him. I try to show my love by serving him. Whatever I do, whether it be carrying this basket or anything else, I think to myself, I am doing this for Jesus, to show that I love him and this makes everything easy and pleasant.”

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