Neglecting Family Worship

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westminsterabbey1647In church history, there have been periods when neglecting family worship was considered an offense that necessitated church discipline. Here is a paragraph from the Directory for Family Worship that was drafted in 1647.

“The Assembly doth further require and appoint ministers and ruling elders to make diligent search and enquiry, in the congregations committed to their charge respectively, whether there be any among them any family or families which use to neglect this necessary duty; and if such family be found, the head of the family is to be first admonished privately to amend his fault; and, in case of his continuing therein, he is to be gravely and sadly reproved by the session; after which reproof, if he be found still to neglect Family-worship, let him be debarred from the Lord’s Supper, as being justly esteemed unworthy to communicate therein, till he amend.”

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