No Longer Afraid

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sleeping boyI was reading lately about a little boy who used to be afraid of being left alone in the dark. When he went to bed at night his mother used to keep a light in the room, and sit by his bedside until he fell asleep. After a while he learned to love Jesus. Now, he found that the hope he had in him gave him courage. Soon after this he said to his mother one night, when he had got into bed, “Mother, you needn’t stay till I am asleep. You may take the light and go downstairs.”

“Why, Willie,” said his mother, “you used to be afraid of being alone in the dark. How is it that you are not afraid now?”

“Why, mother, I know now that Jesus sees me in the dark as well as in the light; and am sure that he will take care of me. And ever since I heard my teacher talk about that beautiful verse in the Psalms, ‘When I am afraid, I will trust in thee,’ I don’t mind being in the dark.”

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