No More Anger

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no more angerA Christian business owner, said to a friend one day—” I wonder why it is that none of my clerks have become Christians, and joined the church?” “If you will allow me to speak plainly on this subject,” said his friend, “I can show you where the difficulty lies.” “By all means,” said the merchant, “speak as plainly as you please.”

“Well then,” said his friend, “youknow that you have a very violent temper. You often speak sharply to your clerks, and find fault with them, when they are really not to blame. This leads them to doubt the reality of your religion, and interferes with your usefulness.

The merchant was not offended with his friend, for he felt that what he said was true, and thanked him for his plain speaking.

On reaching home that night, he went to his room, and kneeling down there, he confessed his sin to God, with bitter tears, and prayed for forgiveness. Then he asked God to help him to overcome his bad temper, and to be gentle and kind, as Jesus was.

On going to his place of business, the next morning, he called all the clerks into his office. With tears streaming down his cheeks, he told them how sorry he was, to think of the bad temper he had often shown before them. He asked their forgiveness for having spoken crossly to them, and said that he wanted to tread in “the blessed steps ” of his Saviour’s life, and to have the same mind that was in Him. Then he kneeled down and prayed with them.

After that, none of those young men ever saw any more bad temper, on the part of that merchant, and before long, more than half their number, influenced by his good example, became Christians, and joined the church.

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