One Bible in a Shop

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old leather bible

Some years ago, a missionary in India, in going through a village, left a copy of the New Testament in the shop of one of the natives, that any persons coming in there might read it. A great many read it. They talked about the new religion and wished to know more about it. At last they sent a committee, of some of the most intelligent men of the village, to the city of Serampore, where the missionary lived, who left the Testament, in order to learn more about the religion of Jesus. The missionary went and preached to the people of that village. A number of them became Christians, and several of them were appointed missionaries. They preached the gospel through that part of the country, and great numbers were converted through God’s blessing on their labors. It was a little thing which the missionary did when he left the testament in that village, but in doing so he made a mark that will never be rubbed out.

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