Paying Your Debts

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paying your debtsSome years ago, near Atlanta, in Georgia, there lived a man who was a member of the church. He was a person of some influence in that neighborhood. But he was a covetous man, very fond of money, and always unwilling to pay his debts. He had a little grand-daughter, about nine years old, who was living with him. She was a bright, intelligent young Christian. She had heard of her grandpa’s love of money, and his unwillingness to pay his debts spoken of and it grieved her very much.

One morning, as they were sitting at breakfast, she said, “Grandpa, I had a dream about you, last night.”

“Did you? Well, tell me what it was.”

“I dreamed that you died last night. I saw the angels come to take you to heaven. They took you in their arms, and began to go up till they were almost out of sight. Then they stopped, and flew round awhile, but without going any higher. Presently they came down with you, and laid you on the ground, when their leader said, ‘My friend, you are too heavy for us. We can’t carry you up to heaven. It’s your debts that weigh you down. If you settle with those you owe, we will come for you again before long.'”

The old gentleman was very much touched by this. He saw the danger he was in from his covetousness. He resolved to struggle against it. The first thing after breakfast, he went to his room, and in earnest prayer asked God to forgive his sin, and to help him to overcome it. Then he went out and paid all his debts; and after that was always prompt and punctual in paying what he owed. So he minded the warning of the text, and was kept from losing his reward. Not long after this he really died and then the angels had no trouble in carrying him up to heaven.

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