The Philippian Jailor’s Conversion

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Philippian Jailor ConversionActs 16:34 And he rejoiced along with his entire household that he had believed in God.

What a delightful note following the account of not only the conversion of the Philippian jailor, who was inches away from self-murder by sword, but also his entire family. This accounts in Acts 16 is a beautiful reminder of the power of the Gospel. Paul and Silas faithfully proclaim the Gospel to the jailor and his family and God mercifully plucks every one of them from bondage and death.

What does this have to do with family worship?

It was that evening in the life of this Philippian family that everything changed for them. This marked the first night of many nights to follow (presumably) in which the family joyfully gathered together to rejoice in God’s truth together. What a special reminder that God has historically and regularly (in the Old Testament times, the New Testament times, and in our day as well) poured at tremendous grace upon entire families.

If you struggle in prayer on behalf of your unconverted children and yearn for the day when God saves them, let Acts 16:34 be a fresh encouragement to you. Let the truth of God’s ways with families saturate your heart and mind. Let grateful praise fill your mouth to the God of all grace who is mighty to save.

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