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ALittleStoryaboutaPigandaDogA paper published in New Zealand tells this curious story. A farmer had a dog that he was very much attached to. One season, this dog had become interested in a young pig that went about the barnyard. He showed kindness to him, and would jump about him, and bark pleasantly at him, as though he wanted to be his friend.

There was a wide, deep creek that ran through this farm. The dog of which we are speaking had got into the habit of swimming across the creek, and amusing himself on the other side. One day, when he was going over, he got the pig to go with him. But when they came to the creek, what was to be done? The pig couldn’t swim, and there was no bridge to take him over. So the dog waded into the river, then crouched down and motioned to the pig to get on his back. He did so, and then the dog swam across with him. After this they went over and back again together, in this way, almost every day, and enjoyed it very much.

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