Practical Suggestions for Family Worship

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family worship suggestionsKeep it simple. It doesn’t have to be complex. Read a Scripture together and discuss what you read. Ask questions to help children understand what the text is saying, what it means, and how it applies to their lives. Use notes from a Bible study with children (e.g. ESV Study Bible) if you’re stuck.

Keep it short, especially with young children. It’s better to leave your family wanting more than wishing it had ended sooner. As your children age and mature, you can lengthen the time.

Have a plan. Think through a family Bible reading plan, Bible storybook, devotional, or other resource to use. Consider using ACTS (adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication) to organize your prayer time. Buy a hymnal and/or begin to collect some favorite worship songs to sing together. You shouldn’t have to spend long preparing this time, but you will likely be more consistent and satisfied if you have a plan.

Find a good time to meet regularly. It’s probably best to plan a regular time to meet when the family is already together each day. It might work better to plan around a consistent event like dinner or preparing for bed, rather than locking into a specific time on the clock.

Avoid distractions. Turn phones to silent. Turn off the TV.

Be consistent. Start with a goal of once or twice per week and work up from there. Choose a regular time and place. Schedule regular family worship into your calendar.

Involve the family members as much as possible. If your children can read, have them read Scripture. Have young children pray by repeating after your prayers. If your children can play an instrument, have them play along when you sing.

Explain difficult words or concepts. As you read Scripture or sing hymns, some words or phrases will need to be defined for your children. Do your best to explain these to your children, lest they get discouraged.

Be creative. Have children act out stories while you read them. Use a beat or song to memorize Scripture. Brainstorm potential situations where the Scripture learned could be applied as a family and then practice applying it to a situation through role-play.

Ask your children questions and encourage them to ask you questions. They will learn more through dialogue than monologue. Don’t be threatened if you don’t know the answer to one of your children’s questions. Take some time to find an answer and revisit their question when you have an answer.

Be authentic. Let your own love for Jesus shine to your children. If you’ve just blown up, take some time to confess your anger and make things right. Humbly let your family see that you are a sinner in need of grace.

Do your best to ensure healthy, vibrant, loving relationships with your family members. Your relationship with your family will affect your ability to lead family worship, as well as your family’s response to your leadership.

Begin today. Don’t wait until you have the perfect time, perfect plan, or perfect resource. Instead, ask God for help and take a step of faith.

~ from Bethlehem Baptist Church

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