Prayer for Deliverance

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Puritan John FlavelA good minister whose name was Flavel, was once going round by sea from Dartmouth to London. On the way a violent storm arose, and threatened the destruction of the vessel. Night came on and the storm continued to increase. About midnight the captain said it was impossible for them to be saved unless the wind should change, for it was driving them directly on to a rocky coast, where they must be dashed to pieces. Mr. Flavel asked that all who could be spared from deck, would come into the cabin and join with him in prayer. They did so. He prayed earnestly for deliverance. His prayer was hardly ended, when some one came down from the deck, crying, “Deliverance! Deliverance! The wind has just changed round to the opposite quarter.”

And so God heard their prayer for deliverance, and they were carried safely to the haven where they were headed.

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