Remember Your Creator

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sad old man“Remember now thy Creator,” was once said to a little boy.

“Not yet,” said the boy, as he busied himself with his bat and ball; “when I grow older I will think about it.”

The little boy grew to be a young man.

“Remember your Creator,” his conscience said to him.

“Not yet,” said the young man; “I am now about to begin my trade; when I see my business prosper, I shall have more time than I can command now.”

His business did prosper. “Remember your Creator,” his conscience whispered to him.

“Not yet,” said the man of business; “my children must now have my care; when they are settled in life, I shall be better able to attend to the claims of religion.”

He lived to be a gray-headed old man.

“Remember your Creator,” was the voice which conscience once more addressed to him.

“Not yet,” was still his cry; “I shall soon retire from business, and then I shall have nothing else to do but read and pray.”

Soon after this he died without becoming a Christian. He put off to another time what he should have attended to when young and that caused the loss of his soul. Those two little words “not yet” were his ruin.

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