Saved by His Donkey

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2278479623_b88e4fcfeaDr. Hammond, a surgeon in the United States Army, tells this story as occurring in connection with himself. At the time here referred to, Dr. Hammond was stationed at Fort Webster, in that part of the country which is now called Arizona.

On one occasion the doctor wished to make a journey to a small settlement, some miles distant from the fort. He started on a fine large donkey that belonged to him. His path lay down a steep valley, between two high mountains. After going two or three miles from the fort the donkey suddenly stopped, and would not go on another step. The doctor jerked the reins, and said, “Go along!” but the donkey wouldn’t go. Then he dashed the spurs against his side; but yet he stood still. Then he whipped him severely; but he would not move a step. Then the doctor had to turn the donkey round and go back to the fort. The next day it was found out that just beyond where the donkey stopped there was a company of Apache Indians hidden beyond the bushes, and waiting to shoot any one who might come along. The donkey, either by his quick scent or sharp hearing, had found out that the Indians were there, and this made him unwilling to go any nearer to them. And here we see how the good sense of that donkey made him useful to his master, in saving his life.

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