Say No to Temptation

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laundry-room-pantry-makeover-before-after-photos-09After breakfast, one morning, the waiter girl who had charge of the pantry of a large farmhouse in England locked it up for the rest of the day. In doing this, without knowing it, she had locked up in that pantry a great mastiff dog belonging to the farm. On opening the pantry door at the close of the day, she was frightened when she saw the dog come out. She expected to find that great mischief had been done by the dog. There were pans of milk, and loaves of bread, and joints of meat there. But the dog knew that he had no right to use these until they were offered to him. And so, hungry and thirsty as he was, he spent the whole day without touching one of those tempting things. What a lesson of faithfulness we have here!

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