Strength to Suffer Well

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sick woman hospital bedI was reading lately of a poor, sick Christian woman, who was in what is called the infirmary, or sick ward, of a hospital, in England. A friend who was visiting her, asked if she found her trust in Jesus give her comfort in her affliction?

Her answer was, “Oh, yes! my trust in Jesus gives me more than comfort. It makes this hospital room seem like heaven to me. If you were to heap up my bed with gold and silver, if you should offer to give me the queen’s carriage and horses, her palace and garden, and all the beautiful flowers in it, with health and strength to enjoy them, I would not give up my trust in Jesus for all these, or anything else the world can give. They talk to me sometimes about the pains of dying; but what do I care for them when I know that death can only take me into the presence of Jesus, my best friend?”

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